Terms and conditions


A. EP was design in order to provide food and beverage businesses with a tool that permits to development and designing profitable products. The application calculates the cost/utility of any product intended for consumption and complies with the laborious task of recipe costing in a quick, agile and designed manner.

B. In addition, the application allows a concise and clear sales analysis to identify trends and set strategies focused on generating revenue.


1. Platform / EP / Application: is the activity performed by the account holder in accordance with the above and explained background section.

2. Terms of use: These terms and conditions that are stated in this document, explain the extent of good use of the application for the account holder and the users.

3. User (s) / customer (s) / Consumer (s): The persons, natural or juridical who use the application with the aim to fulfill the tasks described in the background section.

4. Parties: Refers to the existing relationship between the users and EP.

5. Content: Any information and / or documentation entered by the users during the use and interaction with the application, which is related to the development of application.

6. Products (recipes; sub recipes; bottled products;): the user is the only one allowed to create and manage his products. Therefore, the only one that will be able to load and edits pictures, descriptions and prices, through the features available for such effects.

7. Cancellation or Termination: EP will be able to , in a unilateral manner, and therefor decide te the total cancellation of the account created by the user. Such decision doesn’t take into account the refund of the money paid by the user to access the application.


1. To access the content and / or functionality of the application, the user must give his/her consent totally to this terms and condition, at the time of sinking clicking the item “terms of use”,. This regardless of the access mechanism, either using mobile phone, tablet, computer or any other electronic device used for this purpose.

When accepting you are forcing to comply with the terms of use described here, regardless of whether or not a user is created to access the platform.

2. Read and you fully agree to our terms and conditions of use, to know the scope of the application and how will be the responsibility of EP and the responsibility of the user of the platform. Fully agree with this document.

3. This document contains the terms of use generates an electronic contract legally binding to the parties. These terms and conditions include: (i) Personal Data Policy, (ii) Recommendations and Responsibilities and (iii) Policies for application use. This contract, as mentioned above, is perfected with the manifestation of acceptance for the use of derivative platform service or application, therefore, it will generates rights and obligations for the parties immediately.


4. With access to the application you represent that is of age and has the capacity to bind taking into account the terms of use described herein. EP trusts and does know, on the accuracy of the information provided by the user, which part of the contractual principle of good faith.

5. Accordingly, the EP application will have no obligation to monitor or supervise the ability of the parties entering the platform, since it is understood that those who access it are fully able to make transactions on the terms of this document.


6. In order to use the application you must register EP filled a requested data format provided. Additionally, you have the possibility to synchronize information with Facebook. This must be authorized by the user.

7. Personal information provided will be used in accordance with the terms of use of personal data provided by the user, taking into account the applicable legislation.


8. This electronic contract is valid and legal effect according to the statement earlier in this writing.

9. In addition, EP reserves the right to terminate the contract and, therefore, proceed with the cancellation of the user’s account at any time without any justification, notifying the user of this decision in the email they have provided for registration. In case of cancellation, will not proceed with the refund of money already canceled.

It is reported that EP cancels accounts and their contents after 45 days of inactivity. Before that action the user will receive an email to notify you of the situation.


10. The user is solely responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of the username and password that registers for the use of EP and, consequently, will be solely responsible for all uses and acts generated and derived from the account. Therefore, the user agrees to notify any new to EP, abnormality or inconvenience being presented with that account to the following email: info@epmargin.com.

In addition, the user is solely responsible for the information and publications provide and make public the EP application including: text messages, chats, videos, emails, photos and more. In this regard you warrant that all information supplied when creating or updating account EP is true and real.

The user, once registered, is obliged to preserve the confidentiality of your password. Consequently, the User will be responsible for application access and operations that occur under your Account and / or e-mail address and password, and agree to indemnify and hold harmless EP Margin and / or other Users, suppliers or third parties for any costs, expenses or damages (including legal fees) EP Margin and / or other Users, suppliers or third parties may have with pay or may suffer as a result, directly or indirectly, of any access Application and / or transactions with your account and / or Email and Password.

Interaction with users

11. Users are solely responsible for the interaction between these generated from the use of the EP application. By accepting this document, users understand that EP has no authority to conduct investigations of criminal, civil or reputational field to signal users who have a criminal record or use this platform for criminal behavior.

12. EP cannot guarantee that all users of the application are the people who claim to be from the information provided. Notwithstanding the foregoing, EP may, if it detects an anomaly or reputational risk by accepting a user, cancel the account unilaterally.

13. The same users, from the classification of others, may make allegations and show the anomalies that arise in the use of the platform. However, EP has neither shall any interference or obligation liability of the uses made by users with the platform.


14. EP is not responsible for the behavior displayed by some of its users. Consequently, other users remain free from any judicial or the company or the owners of the platform, by conduct by a user EP claim. However, EP may provide if half court order, information considered relevant to the investigation of irregular behaviors that are presented. However the latter will take into account the data protection legislation and the powers and responsibilities of the entities that require it.

Additionally, the user must verify that the information and / or documentation provided by EP is consistent and leads within your business. Therefore, it refrains from making any claim to EP by the lack of implementation of the information provided by this, since the user must check their applicability.

Intellectual property

15. The company EP is the sole owners of copyright, related rights, trademarks, patents, industrial designs and other rights under the intellectual property generated in the use and provision of the platform. Consequently, users undertake not to carry out acts of infringement of the rights conferred by intellectual property or otherwise through an intermediary, under penalty of compensation for the damage occurred EP owners.

Users will own information and / or documentation supplied and enters in the use and application interaction. In this sense, they can have it at any time and will be removed from our database at the time of cancellation of your subscription.

Comercial aspects for the users

16. The price for the use of the selected application is those current and updated prices that are reported in the Site.

Prices may be changed at any time and will be communicated in accordance with the following procedure:

EP Margin may change the Terms and Conditions at any time by communicating such changes previously form to users. New versions of the Terms and Conditions shall be notified by: (i) publication of the last updated and current in www.epmargin.com/terminos-de-uso version, and / or (ii) by e-mail addressed to the user with a link to www.epmargin.com/terminos-de-uso.)

17. Any payment made online by the application, will be through gateways external payment provided by other companies or by bank transfers, as you are enabled, and / or any other means or services provided by third parties in the enable future. EP Margin is not responsible for any inconvenience, damage, injury or loss of money that may occur during the payment process, the user must apply directly to the payment service provider used.

The User must pay the price in installments and detailed way on the Site. The closing of the User’s account will occur by the mere expiration of the period for payment.

Once paid the Application, EP Margin issues an invoice. This invoice will be automatically sent to the email address provided by the user.

Dispute resolution

21. According to the provisions of the present terms of use, EP will have no responsibility in the management and effective use of the application, therefore, users are solely responsible for any breach, tort and other that is generated will be to from the use of this application.

Notwithstanding the foregoing, if the user want to make a complaint, petition or complaint or report an IRREGGULAR SITUATION, you can do so via e-mail, which will be sent to the address indicated in the notifications, so that EP can answer them as soon as possible, taking into account the applicable legislation.

22. The parties from accepting this document of terms of use, agree that any dispute arising from the conclusion, validity, execution, liquidation, termination of this contract should be resolved in the first instance Conciliation, which will be out in the Chamber of Commerce of Medellin for Antioquia, Colombia, within thirty (30) days following the occurrence of the event giving rise to the breach days. Failure to reach a full agreement, they should go to an Arbitral Tribunal based in the Chamber of Commerce of Medellin for Antioquia, consisting of one (1) arbitrator from the existing list in the center, who will decide in law and applying designated the applicable law and procedural law derived from the law 1563 of 2012 and those that complement, repeal or subrogated.

Applicable law

23. In this document terms of use, you will apply the laws of the Republic of Colombia.


24. If it should be declared null and void any provision of this agreement, the others remain valid as long as the one that was declared void is not of such significance that the parties have not come to enter into this agreement without it.


25. All notices related to this document will be given in writing to the parties, to the addresses listed below. It means stocked notification (i) when sent by registered mail, the day following the day of delivery by mail to the recipient, or (ii) the day following that on which it is delivered personally, whenever you get the corresponding receipt or (iii) via email.