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Features simple, agile and clear for laborious tasks.


Create your ingredients, drinks and disposables lists to start standardizing your recipes. We predetermined more than 1,200 ingredients with their nutritional values, including for some their waste percentage and volume before and after cooking. Calculate your prices per unit or per the unit measure of your choice or simply import them from an Excel table.


Insert your ingredients and their quantities, sub-recipes, instructions, times and pictures for a quick, clear and simple standardization. Establish a selling price and enjoy the key information we provide you with: Gross profit, margin, markup, ingredient cost, nutritional values and a lot more! Print them out and create your recipe book.


Create and calculate the cost of your fillings, sauces, preparations and dressings to include them in your recipes and have a simple and correct standardization. Use them as portions or by the unit measure of your choice. Don't forget to print them out to put them at your employees' disposition to reduce mistakes.

Bottled products

Soft drinks, juices, beers, wines etc… Everything has been formulated so you can establish competitive prices and sell your bottled products. Add a selling price and discover automatically their profitability.


Optimize your offer promoting eye catching combos. Once your recipes and bottled products are created, start combining them to design combos that will stimulate your revenue. Costs, gross profit, margins we give you everything.

Shopping list

Take advantage of our option to organize your purchases according to your necessity, forecasts or orders. Insert the amount of combos, recipes, sub-recipes that you want and let us provide you with a list of necessary ingredients and their quantities taking into consideration their yield percentage and volumes.


Your recipes are yours and only yours! We put at your disposition a secured tool where you can keep you most secret information. Zero risks of losing your recipes, our frequent backups insure the security of your data.


Owning or managing several businesses? Add to your account more establishments and transfer the information of your choice. Avoid double work and find all your data in one place.

Consultant account

Discover EP Consulting from where you can manage your clients' establishments and offer your best services: Production standardization, menu creation and engineering, sales analysis costs cutting, marketing strategies etc… Take advantage of our application to deliver to your clients clear, concise and strategic information in record time.

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