Be part of the 30% that made it through the 3rd year

An intuitive, fast and easy solution for entrepreneurs and administrators that insure your business’s profitability. Recipe standardization, recipe costing, menu creation and sales forecast.

Enjoy the taste of profitable products

Create and standardize your products considering the pillars of profitability. Profit margin, yield, labour costs and indirect costs everything in just one place. Print or export your recipes so your kitchen staff benefit from it.

Keep it in mind: time is money

Optimize your time and money working with your business KPIs in an agile, easy and precise way. Cost you menu, insert your costs, project your sales and discover how to do better than breakeven.

Remember: happy team,happy client

Compare your results against your projections to take pro-active decisions that will allow you to adjust and increase your profitability. Compare your forecasted costs against the real ones to identify inconsistencies, improve processes and reduce costs.

Shrimp that falls asleep is carried away by the tide

Respond to the constant costs fluctuations converting them into your competitive advantage. Promotions, marketing, fast quotations etc… Create and design an infinity of strategies to insure your business’s sustainability.